December 22, 2009

A Crown

Construction of my new home will begin in January.  I made this little crown to remind me to enjoy every moment of the next 7-8 months (hopefully).

December 16, 2009

Simply Creating

In order to play with layers (and my new sewing machine), I decided to take Rebecca Sower's advice about making a sampler cloth.  It truly is therapeutic.  I really do need to handstitch, but I am having too much fun with my new sewing machine.  The material that I am using for my sampler cloth is unstretched canvas.  I painted it green gold and started laying and stitching when I need a break or just play.

Adventure-because someday I want to take in the beauty of the Serengueti.

Christmas-because I am seeing it in a new way as I celebrate it with my two-year-old.

Birthday-because I love this quote "If you carry your childhood with
you, you never become older." - Abraham Sutzkever

Comfort-because I plan to spend the holidays at home with my family.

Kids-because simply-they say the funniest things.

This is how I am finishing my new year: simply creating.

For now, I want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and
much hope and joy for the New Year.

December 9, 2009

Different Possibilities

"Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and
communications, offers an infinite variety of perception,
interpretation and execution." --Ansel Adams

What I love about photo editing is that one picture varies
in potential.  The above photo is one possibility.

Original photo taken in New Orleans earlier this year.

December 7, 2009

Journal Giving

I am not good at keeping a journal, but I do LOVE making them. 
This first journal is titled 'Renewal.'  A new year is always a good
time for renewal.

This journal is all handmade and titled 'With Careful Hands.'  (SOLD)

These two journals feature a unique closure using
jute rope.  Both journals are now listed in my etsy shop.
See more pictures and details here.

December 5, 2009

Etsy Shop Reopening

For several months my etsy shop has
been empty or closed.  I am reopening my shop
to offer these handcrafted notepads.  The pages
are actually left overs from another project.   I used old book
pages, fabric, gesso, wire, and other embellishments
to give these notepads some personality.   

The first notepad is called "Quest to Know" because we live
our life trying to find answers and solutions.  Now listed in my shop.


Pages of white cardstock and recycled papers ready for
someone's hands to write, sketch....

The second notepad is called "Becoming Who We Are" because
the journey of becoming who we are is precious.


December 3, 2009

Fulfilled Journal: On a Journey

Here is my handmade 'Fulfilled' journal I first showed here.  It is taking
 a journey at the moment. 

A unique binding technique and closure for the journal emerged three
books/journals ago.  See the other three books in the bundle here.  So
this is actually the 4th with this technique using jute rope.

The pages are watercolor paper and painted manila folders
decorated with paper strips and circles.

Jute rope holds the pages together.  The pages are attached
to the book with the jute as well.   Hope you have a fulfilling creative time.

November 23, 2009

Christmas Goodness

The movie that is a must for me during the Christmas holiday is "The Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott (The Sound of Music is another).  Although I enjoy the movies and festivities of this season, it all comes down to the true meaning. When I saw these stamps by Inkadinkado, I had to buy them. So here is how I used them. First of all, try dying some tags with coffee and vanilla, if you haven't already. They smell so gooooood. I just place one in my purse to enjoy the smell all the time. Okay, back to Christmas Goodness.

I began with creating some ornaments. Stamped the coffee-vanilla dyed tags front(image) and back(scripture) using Stampology's topaz ink.

  Cut some scraps of fabric and glued them to the bottom of the tags.  Just so you know now. Jute rope is all over my creative space right now.  It is being used and will continue to be used especially for my journals.  So I pulled some jute rope through the hole and added some turqoise beads attached on a jewerly hook. 

Then, I decided the tag ornaments needed a little pouch.  I had found some Christmas napkins several weeks ago and decided to hand-stich the pouch ( I don't have my sewing machine quite yet).

Hand-stitched four pouches. 

They are ready to be packaged and mailed to my lovely family.  I didn't stop there with the stamps, oh no.

I created " That Night" on an 11 in x 14 in canvas panel.  What did I tell you?  Jute rope.

It looks like I skipped Thanksgiving doesn't it?  My Thanksgiving will be small, yummy, and relaxing.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And thank you to all my wonderful creative friends and family for your encouragement as you visit the place for my creative discoveries. 

November 18, 2009

love nature

It is the marriage of the soul with Nature that makes the intellect fruitful, and gives birth to imagination. -Henry David Thoreau.

-in the picture: brother and sister-in-law

November 11, 2009

Two Words: Chasing Stitching

It appears that my creativity has been chasing stitching.  My almost finished project you see here is a mixed media journal.  While I was working on this project, it felt like I was fullfilling an artistic need; like I am beginning to find my creative voice.  Thus the title of this journal is "fulfilled."  I promise to show the entire journal in the future.

November 6, 2009

Something about this wagon wheel

There is just something about this wheel (original photo) that keeps me returning to it.  A rustic charm.  A treasured antique.  A symbol of growth and expansion.  My personal symbolism is "my creativity wheel is turning."  Remember the first edit I did of this picture.  I did several more.

These two were my favorites.

November 2, 2009

...And with Delight and Pride

This collage is a result of reflecting on the sacrifices that so many make when they wholeheartedly respond to their calling.  My mom was born and grew up in Pucallpa, Peru.  Throughout her youth she felt that she was called to serve the Lord in some capacity.  She made a choice early in her life to become a missionary. 

Although her path turned out slightly different, she continues to respond to her calling wholeheartedly "and with delight and pride."  Regardless of what our calling might be, may we do it with delight and pride.

I've been playing with fabric and hand stitching.  Although I put away the molding paste for this project, it didn't last long.  It's in there.  I am currently working on a mixed media journal, but I'll have more on that later. 

October 30, 2009

Plenty of Creating

If you want to be happy, be.  --Leo Tolstoy

These last few days have been glorious and yes, happy.  Have a happy one too.