May 13, 2009

Creativity Around the World 1: Dad

When I ask my father to tell me about himself, the first statement he says is "I am an artist." What a wonderful statement. My dad is an artistic inspiration for me and lives a creative life. He is a romantic and a bit eccentric, but he loves life and beauty.
His creative inspiration as a child was to observe little birds in their nest and see them break away from their shell. He would spent many hours watching them. He also observed the ants carrying their crumbs and how they worked all day long. He would actually follow them until they reached their destination. As a child, he loved walking by himself in the mountains and sleeping outdoors(which might explain why enjoys painting landscapes.) He plays the guitar, piano, and the accordion. He picked up the guitar when boredome set it. At seven years old, he studied music because he loved it so much. One of the fondest recollections I have is being woken up early in the morning to him playing the guitar and singing mainly Christian songs or songs from the 50's and 60's. My favorite is Agujetas de Color de Rosa.

When he was a child, his creative expression was mainly drawing. For him, drawing is observing and feeling the movement. Even as a child, he loved drawing and painting beautiful women. Women are his inspiration. His favorite artist is Sandro Boticelli. His other loves are printmaking, ceramics, painting, and making his own frames.
One of his greatest joys was starting a small art school in Santa Rosa, NM which still operates today. He turned 60 last year (I hope he doesn't get mad for announcing that to the world.) He says that he has plenty of energy to paint and wishes to do art for the rest of his life.

My dad tells the most amazing stories of his childhood in Mexico. One of my favorites is his unique encounter with Diego Rivera which you must read. Learn more about his creative life and his art at Pan y Vino Art Studio. By the way, if you visit the First State Bank of Happy in Canyon, Texas, you will see one his paintings.

The pictures of him in this artwork are the only ones we have of him as a child. The artwork is a layout that is part of an album that I am working on about my dad and mom. Enjoy! Here is one creative life~

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