May 16, 2009

"This Spring"

I am doing much experimenting these days. (Perhaps a future post might include some of my experiments and/or mess ups and oh, not liking too much.)

This one was the first of a series I created which included "this" in the title. The inspiration came from my son who for a while referred to many things as "this." The patchwork collage for this piece created a lovely background. I wish you could touch "This Spring." It feels pretty nice!!!!!! My favorite part about this piece was the "hair." It was a fun creation which is turning out to be part of a series I am working on. By the way, I am still learning how to take pictures that will capture the essence of the artwork. Bare with me.

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  1. Hey at least one of my cousins blogs! I love your blog title. Great to find out more about you since I really don't know you (except from childhood)...Thanks for sharing a bit about my little cousin. Cheers Lulu, I hope you keep posting!


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