June 15, 2009

From Tourist to Resident

"Listen. Learn. Create." The theme song for Craftcast ends with these words. Craftcast connects artists and crafters from a distance. Alison Lee makes it happen. Alison shares her creative life, experiences, and connects artists and crafters, from rookies like me to professional artists. When I discovered her podcast and blog, I entered into a world I always hoped to be part of. A world surrounded by creativity and more creativity. I listened to Alison's inspiring thoughts and ideas; her love of jewerly and metal. I listened to other artists sharing their passion and art. I listened and listened and listened. I listened to some podcasts more than three times. Each time I listened I learned something; I took so many notes. Then I realized that I was listening and learning, but I wasn't creating even though Alison always motivates her listeners. I realize now that it was fear; I didn't know what I could do, should do, or wanted to do. I had to turn the corner; not knowing where it could lead me. I am not sure exactly what made me turn the corner. I think it was just listening to Alison's passion for not only other artists and their work, but her own art and creativity.
From simply being a tourist of creativity I went to being a resident of creativity. I am trying to live it!! I continue "to listen, learn, and CREATE." Craftcast is a place you will call home after you listen. Even though I don't know Alison personally, I feel like I do.
Although I have a full time job and I can't "create" full time, I have seen and felt changes in my life as I continue to learn about myself through my art and through other artists. I am enjoying myself so much right now. Thank you, Alison. There are people who come into our lives unexpectedly and help us turn the corner to something amazing---from tourist to resident of creativity.

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