June 18, 2009

New Column: On the Creative Road

I find that I take lots of notes everywhere; sometimes I can't keep up with them. Keeping physical journals has never been something I have done. However, one of my goals is to start keeping physical visual journals.

For now, I am going to start a column titled "On the Creative Road..." This column will include interesting information that inspires me as I ride on the road to find my creative niche.

Today, I stumbled upon this phrase “we must create what we most need to find.” Sabrina Ward Harrison takes you to a place of honesty. Visit her website to see what I am talking about. So this is something I am thinking about at the moment. What do I "most need to find?" What an exciting search!

At the same time, I will keep creating and taking it all in.
Note: Over the weekend, I was reading a book about Russian-born artist Marc Chagall. There was a period when he painted scenes from Paris. I wanted to share this quote that directly relates to this post.: "my art needed Paris as much as a tree needs water." Beautiful!!

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