July 19, 2009

Darwin and Argos: a little bird told us

Several years ago I had the great fortune of being part of Darwin's life. Darwin is the smaller German Shepard in the art piece. The other beautiful German Shepard, Argos, was his father and belonged to my brother's best friend. While trying to find some photos I could alter, I came upon this picture. The photo technique I used for the photograph was inspired by Angela Cartwright's Mixed Emulsions: altered art techniques for photographic imagery. The rest of the art piece is a combination of acrylics, markers, fabric, and stamps. Darwin and Argos were both curious and mischievous. I decided to include "a little bird told us" because birds are indeed great noisemakers; perhaps one bird had something to say to these two little fellows. There are some changes I would make to the art piece and probably will later on. For now.......I present Darwin and Argos: a little bird told us.

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  1. Hi Ludid! Your blog is very nice. The photographs are very beautiful. Wish you all the best. God is Great.



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