July 25, 2009

"Sew...a needle pulling thread..."

"It's Never Too Late.........To Grow." -from "It's Never Too Late...172 simple acts to change your life" by Patrick Lindsay.

Spent some wonderful hours in my studio with fabric, charms, ribbons, buttons, needles, and thread. They have taken over my studio. I am ready to GROW.

I want to explore fabric specifically in books where I can incorporate some art work and things I love. Some of the techniques I used for this book were shared by DJ Pettitt. And so this is the book I created. I am sure that I will continue to develop my own style as I learn techniques and mixed them up with my experience and inspiration. Thus....GROW.

I painted the watercolor paper and left the pages blank for future embellishing.

Love twisting and bending wire so I used some as part of the book closure.

Imperfect stitching at times. Even though I don't own a sewing machine (not yet anyway), it was such a wonderful process.

Busy day at the studio; I felt like GROWTH happened.


  1. It's such a good feeling to let that creative urge out, isn't it. Good day, you had. :)Bea

  2. thank you, Bea. look forward to many creative days like this one.

  3. i agree....growth is a wonderful thing! so glad you discovered so many growth opportunities in creating your beautiful book! i love your hand stitching around the edges....and i can see how you would be so inspired by dj's artwork!!! i love her books, too.....and i also love the "sound of music"! it was the very first movie that i saw in the big theater! thanks for stopping by my blog....i love meeting new friends! :)

  4. Ludid-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. So glad you did because now I found your blog. Great book you made. It is wonderful when you feel like you are growing as an artist. I feel the same way. Keep up the great work!
    :) Dana

  5. Ludid, I'm glad I stopped by. I found you through Bea's blog. I love your book cover. It's got a lot of "heart" in it. You've inspired me to get my needles and thread out!

  6. Yes, DJ is such an inspiration! I came to visit you from your comment on her blog. Your blog is delightful

  7. laurie,

    she is indeed; thank you for stopping by.


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