August 13, 2009

From my creative space

Collage of "Love in Three Languages"
some art journals and fabric book
part of a current project
paint chips
first carved stamps: here and here.
part of my inspiration board
These frames are from small stretched canvas that I bought. I removed the canvas to use and decided that the frames should decorate my space (for now anyway).
A few images of what decorates my creative space (corner of the room); past and current projects; other stories waiting to be told.


  1. OOO, I love your creative corner! Your featured stamps are awesome! Oh, and what are those little pieces of art wrapped in a bundle with ribbon? It's the picture below the roll of red fiber. They look very interesting and will you be showing them later or maybe you already did. Just curious.

  2. thank you, Linda. i added some descriptions of the images. the paint chips were an exciting process.

  3. i just love everything that you have going on in your creative space! of course, i perked up when i saw your hand-carved stamps (lovely!) and your journals (fabulous!). and, i love the idea of "untold stories" true is that?!! thanks for sharing your space with us! and, great to see you over at my blog....thanks for the sweet comment you left for me! :)


thank you for taking the time to visit my creative space. you are welcome to share your comments and thoughts. best wishes---ludid