August 17, 2009

"Sometimes it's hard to find the path you were meant to take in this life....."

Perhaps you are familiar with the song "Que Sera Sera (Whatever will be will be). When I was young, I wanted to be a fashion designer. In high school, my favorite class was Home Economics where I learned to use a sewing machine and made my first shirt and shorts. I loved drawing and painting. Somewhere along the way I got sidetracked (way sidetracked). If you look at my undergraduate college transcript, you will see courses in education, wildlife science, and history. My graduate work is in education and speech communication. I have worked in libraries, college admissions, and college teaching. Here I am today....finally discovering more about myself by trying to live a more creative life. So it isn't about "whatever will be will be", embracing and nurturing our creativity is necessary in order to stay on the right track. My brother wrote a song titled "In Your Eyes." I used some phrases as the title of this post. Yes, "sometimes it's hard to find the path you were meant to take in this life......but I'll find my way" (louis orozco-copyright 2002). Even though I am 36 years old, I feel like I have started to truly develop my passion and nurture my creative soul.

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  1. Isn't it funny how we fall into the trap of society to think we should BE something when we grow up. They try to mold us in school to go in a certain direction. After all these years I realized that if one is curious about life they will go in many different directions and learn and absorb. Sometimes our journey is for us to learn and sometimes it's to meet fellow souls and give something to them that they need for the journey.
    Thanks for the thoughtful post. :)Bea


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