September 2, 2009

My Love for Molding Paste

Creative time. Playtime a la DJ Pettitt. I gathered a copy of a family picture, lace, previously painted cheesecloth, oil pastels, gel medium, interference gold paint, and molding paste. I love molding paste by the way.

Do you remember this fabric book I made a while back? I filled the first page with these goodies. I drew and painted the flower, transferred the picture to fabric, and layered all these items on the page with molding paste and a bit of interference gold paint. The more exciting part of the process was pressing all this down. It's smooth and easy to write on after pressing. Finally, I wrote "It's your love."

I might add a few more embellishments or paint around the flower.
I am also currently working a fabric art book with a twist that's close and dear to my heart. My brother's writings are my inspiration for this book. It's still in the early stages and I'll share some sneak peeks soon like I mentioned in another post. Now....sleep (to try to make up for previous late nights). Or maybe I'll create some more :-)


  1. What fun. Enjoy seeing your fabric book. I love making them too. :)Bea

  2. fantastic!! i've never played with molding paste (i think that it's probably the one supply that i don't own!), but it sounds like a lot of fun! i may just have to give it a try! your page turned out great! :)


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