October 2, 2009

Simply Magical

(publicity ad published with permission)

"If you can have 2-3 people that expand your life, that is enough." "The camera is the license to explore." "Our work offers a narrative suggestion. The audience completes the story." "There is self-doubt in the creative process." These are some of quotes that resonated with me the most last night. My creative time last night was "magical." I had the great pleasure of attending a lecture and image presentation by Maggie Taylor and her husband Jerry Uelsman. I first heard about Maggie's work through Craftcast. I listened to the interviews Alison conducted here and here several times. There is something mysterious about her work and the way she captures stories through powerful images. . See Maggie's work here. They both provided background information about specific pieces that allowed me to appreciate the creative process even more. An added bonus: they have a great sense of humor!!! When I saw the publicity ad from Richland College, I immediately put it on my calendar. If you ever have a chance to see them, put it on your calendar. Couldn't miss it. Didn't miss it. It was an amazing creative night for me.

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  1. what fascinating work....jerry's photography is stunning!! i'm so glad that you found the presentation so magical!! don't you just love it when you get a big shot inspiration like that?!! :))


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