October 8, 2009

A Mix of Projects

The collage was an impromtu project with lots of layers and texture. Believe me when I say that molding paste lives in this collage. I haven't done a mixed collage in a while and so felt inspired when I saw this picture. It makes me think about how the act of letter writing has fallen behind. My goal is to sit down once in a while, write a letter to someone special in my life, go to the post office to actually buy a stamp, and mailed it like before.

I love when I can be busy with creative projects (when time allows). Photo editing has become a constant companion on my creative road. When I visited the amazing New York City last summer, I took many pictures which included this apartment building. And so it became part of photos to edit collection. See the original picture here.


  1. I remember how wonderful it was to get a letter from my pen pal in France. She wrote in purple pen on air mail paper. Everything seemed so elegant and light. I remember getting letters from my great aunt, on creamy heavy weight paper, written in a flowing script that was often difficult for me to read. But, the best part she used sealing wax with her initial on the back flap of the envelope. :)Bea

  2. Great pieces! Love the creativity!

  3. your collage is wonderful! i love the texture you've added with the molding paste, the sandpaper tag (wow....so creative!!), and the snippets of stamping.....and then softening it with so much gray and white....really beautiful! and, i miss letter writing too....although i must say that i've become so very spoiled with the immediacy of e-mails and blog comments! :)


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