October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Portraits

What I most like about October is thinking about the farmers that have worked with passion to present these wonderful pumpkins to all of us. Pumpkin patches are one of the best places to spend a Saturday evening during October.

For a while, I have wanted to start a journal for my little guy. Documenting moments like today was the reason I made this journal for him. I bought this spiral notebook at Office Depot for .50 cents. I found some strips of canvas and made some rubbings with pastels like I did with this past project.

On the back of the journal I collaged some orange paper and cut out some drawings my son made in his coloring notebook.

Layers of fabric and embellishments.

Hand-stitching of his name.

Close-up of the back cover.

Here is my little star at the pumpkin patch surrounded by these beauties.

I am such a blessed and lucky mom. The first entry in the journal I made for him describes this special day at the pumpkin patch.
(thank you Louie for the great title post suggestion)


  1. Thanks for the beautiful pics! Noah is cute as always.

  2. Noah in the pumpkin patch...both beautiful! Your journal for him is such a treasure. ~Kathy

  3. I LOVE IT. His shirt matches the pumpkins and could he look any happier!! Beautiful journal and someday will be quite a treasure for him. :)Bea

  4. Oh my goodness :) What a cutie!!
    I'm loving your journaling!


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