November 6, 2009

Something about this wagon wheel

There is just something about this wheel (original photo) that keeps me returning to it.  A rustic charm.  A treasured antique.  A symbol of growth and expansion.  My personal symbolism is "my creativity wheel is turning."  Remember the first edit I did of this picture.  I did several more.

These two were my favorites.


  1. Wheels, circles, things that go round and round...and not always in the same place......good personal theme. Movement, purpose........spokes connecting to the center......well, sigh I just could have so much fun with this. lololol Love the picture, is that some place near you? :)Bea

  2. i love how you've taken a fabulous photo and given it three completely different "spins" (pun intended! hee hee). i really love the movement of the first one.....and there's something calming about the water, too! have a great weekend! :)

  3. the photo was taken in a town up in the mountains near Denver, CO this past summer. the water was my favorite too. thank you for your comments and i hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. I like the tiny bit of color that accents the center of the wheel, perhaps this is where the heart is located - the crux that keeps the wheel spinning.

  5. When I first saw your altered picture I wanted to learn photoshop sooo bad. Taking Susan Tuttles class has taught me how. So thank you for inspiring me!


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