November 11, 2009

Two Words: Chasing Stitching

It appears that my creativity has been chasing stitching.  My almost finished project you see here is a mixed media journal.  While I was working on this project, it felt like I was fullfilling an artistic need; like I am beginning to find my creative voice.  Thus the title of this journal is "fulfilled."  I promise to show the entire journal in the future.


  1. i love your photos....just the right amount of tease factor!! i can't wait to see more! and i know what you mean about the stitching....i've been away from it for too long and i'm starting to feel the itch! :)

  2. Yes, art nurtures the soul - filling us with a lively spirit. I'll definitely be back to see the rest of your stitched journal.

  3. Thank you So much for coming by and visiting my blog and saying hello :)
    I completely agree. Lately I have been in such a mood to stitch everything together where as I used to use Hot glue for EVERYTHING :) Ha

    I'm going to go read some more :)
    ~Angela Harris


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