January 10, 2010

Brothers & Sisters

Sometimes I wish there was someone filming my life only to look back at all the silly, funny, amazing, creative, scary......moments I have shared with my older sister and younger brother.  We live far apart from one another, but we try to see one another as often as possible.  It's hard for the three of us to be together at the same time because of our schedules.  A wish this year would be for the three of us to sit down over tea or coffee and just remember all our adventures as children and young adults. 

In the meantime I have been playing with photo layering.  I took this original cropped picture of the three of us. I am in yellow, my brother in the middle, and my sister in pink.

I took this other picture I had edited previously and layered both pictures.

It's a bit ghostly looking for January, but the layering process what amazing to work with.

So I end this post with another picture of us on a hammock. My brother probably won't appreciate that I post this picture, but it's just such a great picture of us.  Love you M & L.


  1. What adorable photos and I especially love the cute crocheted dresses. The happy colors bring up thoughts of spring and summer. Creamy-cool sherbert also comes to mind, inspiring me to play with this palette.

  2. oh, how i LOVE these photos! and you can probably guess that the last one is my favorite!! hee hee.....that picture of your brother is priceless! you all look like you had such a great time growing up together! and i think you look so cute in your little yellow dress! :))


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