February 18, 2010

18 things to do

We all fully know that there are only so many hours in a day with so so much to accomplish.  Ever since I embarked on my creative journey, I have tried to improve how I spend my time.  It's not easy to juggle work, home, children, exercise, Dancing with the Stars (sorry must have it), art and all those unexpected and unplanned events in our life.  Yesterday, I attended an informative time management workshop at work which offered some practical information.  The main idea I took from the workshop is that while we are trying to make lasting changes and create new habits: Have Fun.  Several weeks ago I decided to work on my art a bit differently.  Everyday. Smaller scale.  And boy is it fun.  That's why this idea was the highlight of the workshop for me.  Perhaps you have noticed I have been blogging everyday.  I am trying to build in more time to create everyday and enjoy it. 

This small piece is the first of a series that developed from my journal pages: "18 things to do"


  1. Great start you're on...keep the fun going.

  2. I think you're smart to remember that in all you do, keep it fun! Your blog is beautiful, I especially love the heading!! keep creating!


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