February 23, 2010

Her Pink Guitar

Since last week, I have been seeing myself at about 7 years old sitting on the courtyard of our last house in Mexico City. I had my dad's watercolors, brushes, and school paper and clearly remember painting this. That moment has been clearly in thoughts and trying to figure out what visual representation it gives me. I want to be myself at that age and just put my heart in what I do and enjoy.  So this is where my "About Life" series is coming from.  The first of the series what shared here.  I hope you will enjoy the series too because I am having a blast.

My brother mentioned to me last week that he is shopping around for a new classical guitar.  If I decided to learn a new instrument to play at this age, it would the guitar. But it might just have to be a pink guitar.

Here is another collage in progress.  Last night just before going to bed another memory called me to my art table.

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  1. what could be better in life than being able to play a pink guitar?!! love the idea of your new series.....and looking forward to seeing more!! :)))


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