February 19, 2010

An Image

When I go to antique stores, I rarely look at old photos.  They are just so personal.   However, when you see something that speaks to you, it's a keeper.    I don't mean to sound mystical, but I knew I had to take the image with me.  No details where given on the photo, so it's up to me to tell her story.

This is not the original image because I am keeping the original as is.  The image and stitches you see are actually from a journal page I made.  I made a copy of the journal page and transferred it to a painted background.  Finally, I gave it some digital texture.  I am currently working on an artists' book titled "From Her Archives" which will tell her story. 


  1. i feel the same way about looking at vintage photos.....i always feel like i'm invading someone else's privacy, kind of like reading another person's diary!! i can see why you brought this photo home, though....it's a wonderful image, and i'll bet you'll do wonderful things with it! :))

  2. i love thinking about the kind of life they may have lived, what they experienced from the world and their joys when compared to ours in the time we live.


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