February 24, 2010

Marching Band

When you think about a high school marching band, you might think about uncomfortable clothes and may I add goofy hats, pants, and shoes.  You might think about Friday night football games and early dismissal to travel to the game town. Perhaps thoughts go to practicing and performing in hot and cold weather and UIL contests.  Here is what I think about. 

In high school, I played the clarinet.  It took me a while to learn because I was not as dedicated as my sister in practicing.  She played the flute and was always first chair in band.  She was one of the drum majors one year.  My brother played the cornet.   The three of us were all in the high school band for one marching band season.  Although we all hung out with our own friends, it was nice to know my siblings were close by.  Participating in the marching band was the highlight of my high school years.   The funny thing about my involvement in marching band was that I was not very well coordinated.  Okay, let me be more specific.  For the first year, I could not for the life of me march and play my clarinet at the same time.  I had to march. It was a marching band after all.  This was my logic.  If I messed up the marching, everyone would notice.  It would be very difficult to tell whether I was playing or not unless the band director called me out individually (which never happened thankfully.)  If I remember correctly, sometimes he would tell the clarinets and flutes, for example, to perform by ourselves.  That was a nervous time.  The only times I would play was when we stood still for a good while.  Otherwise, I would focus on counting and the steps.  Yes. I know.  Even though I had a difficult time at first, I loved it.   It became easier later on and certainly enjoyed it more.  There. My secret has been revealed.

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