February 26, 2010

Our Creative Road

I can't believe it, but I actually made an apron.  The words on this apron are a reminder to always enjoy this artful life and remember that I share this journey with others. 

It initially started as a big book cover.  You might see the spine in the middle.  The direction completely changed when I saw that it could become an apron as well.  So I went for the latter.

Let me end by saying that I only wear it inside when I am not cooking or painting.  Someday I'll venture outside with it.


  1. I love your patchwork style apron. The colors, texture and designs all work so well together. It's a wonderful piece, wear it proudly.

  2. I love words and art. and the merging of art with an apron is inspiring. I have been drawn to pretty and creative aprons before, but this one takes it to a new level.


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