February 1, 2010

What I Know

Last October I worked on this artist book and finished it then. I haven't shown it on my blog except for a glimpse here and there. The reason why I am showing it now is because since October I have tried different things creatively. Lately, as you read on my previous post, I have been deeply focused on books.  I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy what i have made and shared. This journey is after all about living an artful life.  Yet, creating this artist book has meant so much to me. I realize that the words might only make sense to me.  I want to share it you now because what I know is that i LOVE making artists' books and telling stories artistically (even though I am not a writer and not yet calling myself an artist).  I created this book at a time when I was thinking about my creative journey.  It reads:

"it takes real fortitude

while searching for distinctive individuality
design the invisible parts that make us who we are
rooted and grounded
dwelt in them and explored them

the voices tell the beginning of the story
can you see the mountain
beyond the mountain?
beyond the trees and rolling hills

make time and space for the creative process
continually cleanses, refreshes, renews, transforms, and empowers
what an amazing affirmation

on the days we feel we're on top of the mountain
our ordinary days are made extraordinary

take the time to find your voice.

You Might Be An Artist"


  1. your book is wonderful!! i love the consistent color palette that you've used throughout the pages.....it's very calming and organic! i also love it that you've found something that you LOVE to create.....that's fantastic!! you are definitely an artist....say it loud and say it proud!! :)))

  2. Have you read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron? This book is full of inspirational ideas and advice. After reading it, I found the courage to call myself an artist. This beginning has lead me towards many wonderful experiences (personal growth beyond belief!) Hope you'll consider checking it out if you haven't already done so.

  3. thank you for such encouraging words. i read the book long time ago. since i am in a different place than i am now creatively, i will surely check it out again. i am sure it will offer only inspiration.

  4. I love this, it really hits home, as I am struggling right now. I am putting stuff on my blog the good n' the bad. It is a journey!

    You are an artist~


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