March 26, 2010

I am singing. Can you hear me?

All my creative energy is being used for learning new binding techniques for journal making and bookmaking.  This is the journal I made in this class.  The class has also given me the added bonus of learning new techniques for page backgrounds.  Although it will be a bit scary to use this journal for a self-portrait exploration, I believe that I need to pursue it.  Let's see what I discover about myself.  It will also allow me to practice and experiment different techniques.  You can imagine how satisfying making this journal has been.  La la la la.


  1. How fun and exciting! I am making a wall calendar journal and really enjoying the process!
    Your class looks great as does your journal.
    Scary sometimes is good, fear is directing you there...just do it, anyway~

  2. your new journal is spectacular, ludid!! i love all of that orange and red, and those tapes going around the spine add wonderful texture! thank you for the link to this KNOW how i love to learn new things.....i may join in the fun!!! :))))


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