March 29, 2010


Because my condo is on the market,  it must always be in perfect condition.  The call came in notifying that there would be a showing of my condo between 3:00 and 5:00.  It was 2:47.  Normally, I would just take a quick look, tidy up a bit, and leave the condo.  No, not today.  You see I had my working table covered with newspaper, tubes and tubes of paint, brushes, paper, paper get the picture.  On the floor, I had newspapers with painted papers drying.  Oh, but that is not all.  On the kitchen table downstairs, I had newspapers covering the table with painted papers drying.  I didn't have time to take a picture of the chaos.  It wasn't actually chaos before the call; I had it under control.  When I was cleaning up, I felt like a chicken without a head.  I managed to get everything cleaned up by 3:15 and they had not arrived yet.  They probably would not have shown up right then, but I didn't want the potential buyers to show up to see all my paints, etc. spread out everywhere. 

So I left the house with my laptop and headed for the bookstore.  I started playing with some photos and the above photo was created.  So there is my afternoon.

The original photo.


  1. oh my goodness....i've been there, done that SO many times! it's maddening trying to sell your house! i used to think it was safe to get my art supplies out after 7:00 p.m., and wouldn't you know as soon as i did the phone would ring and they'd be sitting out in the driveway wanting to come inside! yikes!! i feel your pain, girlfriend! i hope your house sells soon! :))

  2. what fun -- nice photomanipulation!


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