March 23, 2010

A Writer

As far as I can remember, my brother has kept a journal.  A journal of thoughts which might eventually become the lyrics to one of his songs.  A journal of random thoughts and ideas.  A journal of places visited and people he has met. I made this journal for him from an old school Spanish Grammar book.   I stitched some squares of a painted background and attached it to the cover.  My brother is no stranger to binding books.  He spent several years repairing library books.  He could certainly teach me a thing or two.  Enjoy the journal, Louie.


  1. What a great gift!! I love this!!!
    I am beginning to paint most of my journal covers. Even my my daily writing journals. I just like the fun painted covers. Makes using them all the more enjoyable.

    You did wonderful job on this!!

  2. what a special gift this is....i know your brother will love using it!!! :))

  3. What a gracious and wonderful gift! I am sure he will be thrilled, handmade from the heART!

  4. The care that you put into making this personal gift for your brother is touching. And the bright colors that you used are definitely eye-catching.


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