April 26, 2010

In the Shade

Although a few months still need to go by before we move into our new home, I am beginning to feel a bit sad about leaving this little place.  A home which has brought so much joy.  It is always hard to leave a place that has part of our life in it.  So I will continue to take care of it and enjoy it until the time comes.


  1. your artwork is very sweet.....and you'll take all of the memories of this home and move them into your new home (and they'll always be in your heart, too!) xox, ;))

  2. The simple pleasure of sitting quietly and alone, under the shelter of shade, often stirs-up meaningful thoughts. I hope that you'll find a special spot at your new home to relax under.

  3. I believe you will find a new special place! Meanwhile, take a lot of photos of this place, so your mind will have more than a visual memory.
    Take a great photo to hang in your new home!
    We know you can't take the tree, but you can bring it along and hang it in a special spot.

    I have had many places I didn't want to leave(Navy spouse, moved a lot)! Journal about it and then you'll have the adventure of finding a new place for your heart to stir and your mind to release or your heart to release and your mind to stir. ;-D

  4. You are such an amazing artist....I can only imagine the memories you have had in your special place! Thanks for sharing.


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