April 11, 2010


Something I have noticed lately is that each journal I make is like a treasure for me. It is hard to part from them when I make them for someone. However, knowing that each journal is landing in the hands of someone who will treasure it makes me want to make even more.

For the last two weeks, I have focused on making some journals for myself.  These two are my latest which I learned to make in this class.

Currently,  I am art journaling in three of these journals.  I am saving one journal for our summer trip and the other is for later on this year.  During my recent visit to my dad's, I left with several books in my hand.  Some I picked out on my own with my dad's permission.  He knows I use the covers for my journals.  Then he picked out some other books for me.  Most are old with interesting covers so those will not get painted.  That means I need to make more journals.  This is just way to much fun.


  1. your journals are wonderful.....and you're growing quite a fabulous collection!!! i'm glad that you've enjoyed creating them, and adding your masterpieces to the pages inside! xox, :))

  2. I found your blog today and I am truly in love with your journals! WOW! They are amazing and I will definitely be back for a visit! I'm your newest follower!

  3. Your journals look yummy! I am going to check out the class so thanks for the link!!


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