April 9, 2010


At home, I am surrounded by a man and a boy who are my everything.  It is nice when I get to be a bit girly (which I am not usually).   This beauty is my niece.  She is an outstanding swimmer/competitor, dancer, and singer (and much more).  I love how she can make friends easily and has a huge smile just like what you see here.  Even though she lives a bit far, it's nice to spend time with her (and my equally loveable nephew, Athens.)

I made this journal for her from a children's book.  The pages are scraps of paper stitched together.  The cover is a painted paper that wraps around the book.  I am sure she will fill it up with goodness. 

(original photo of kyla taken by family friend and edited by L. Ryu)

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  1. What a cute neice, smiling from ear-to-ear. And now she has a special journal to record her sweet memories with her thoughtful aunt.


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