April 5, 2010

Weekend Trip

Spending time with my dad is always such a joy.  It is wonderful to see him happy painting and painting.  His art studio is his home.  If you visit this place, you will see touches of handmade items like frames, benches, ceramic cups, doves, ducks (love them), and so much more.  He is an artist.  He is my teacher.  He is my dad.

(and what a blast Noah had with his grandpa.)


  1. Your respect and admiration for your father is really quite special. How wonderful it is that you share the love of art with him. This bond runs deeply.

  2. your dad's art studio sounds like a truly magical place.....he's a wonderful painter, as are you!!! :))

  3. I was so lucky to see he's art pieces last year, wish i had seen he's ceramics..i was completely amazed with what he's accomplished. Certainly runs in the family, your art is just as creative, the depth of your imagination and input in art shows so evidently what you've accomplished to :) loovve it!


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