June 9, 2010

10:15 PM

At 10:15 pm and thirty-something years ago,  I came into this world to live an artistic life. Yes, I know that now.  This past year has been one of so much learning and discovering (and more to come i am sure.)

Last year, Alison Lee said something in one of her podcasts that has made its home in my mind.  She said "consistency builds momentum."  At that time, it meant so much to hear that phrase because I was not dedicating the time I needed for creativity.  I made the decision then to nurture my creativity everyday and to find myself as an "artist."  I also put Christine Mason Miller's "Today Begin" button on my sidebar.  That is what I needed to do and I have.  It has made all the difference. 

 Earlier this week, I changed that button to "Be Brave."  I feel like I am in a different place artistically.  Now I feel that I need to allow myself to simply "Be Brave." 

My son woke me up with a kiss on the cheek.  Another birthday gift I will receive is a visit from my sister.  She is coming to my city to be a bridesmaid for one of her friends.  I hope we can have a chance to remember childhood moments and talk about life.

As I celebrate my birthday, I remind myself to "Be Brave" and simply enjoy life.


  1. It sounds like you've been taking many steps forward...I hope that each one will bring you closer to what you hope to accomplish. And I agree that it takes courage to go for what you really want - keep reaching!

  2. happy birthday, sweet ludid!! as you blow out your candles, i wish for you many days of happy new beginnings, many more kisses on the cheek from your sweet son, many visits from your sister and your family to remember good times and create new memories, and many, many hours of pure, brave creativity!!! enjoy life!!
    xox, :))

  3. Such a wonderful story...I am honored to play a tiny role in your beautiful creative expansion!


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