June 15, 2010

Capturing childhood moments

Even though it was for only a few days, I enjoyed spending time with my amazing sister this past weekend.

Several weeks ago I started this journal to capture my siblings and I together in pictures.  My sister and brother have been assigned to look for pictures in their files.  It is quite a wonderful experience because it gives me the opportunity to remember our childhood days and adventures.  We have some wonderful stories. Our parents gave us a most wonderful childhood.  I think you can see it in our faces.


  1. It's wonderful that you feel so close to your family eventhough they live far away. Isn't it amazing how love travels?

  2. this is the sweetest photo.....and you're right, i can see the love and happiness in your faces!! i love how you're putting all of these into journals.....what a treasure! xox, :))


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