June 30, 2010


In the late 1980's, I sat on the front porch of our house, looked out into the distance,  and began to draw what I saw.  My dad gave me some lessons on how to draw trees, but he let me just draw how I saw things.  I scanned the drawing I made back then and placed it in my journal.

As I prepare to move into our new home starting today, I think about all the houses where I have lived and left.   I think about all the moments and memories.   Although I am ready to be in our new home, I took sometime to journal about our current home and the moments we lived in this place. 

(song lyrics by ©Louis Orozco)

Because I know this coming week will be especially busy, I will take a short break.  I will be exercising my creativity as I begin to create a home for my family.  In the meantime, I wish you precious creative days.


  1. can i just tell you how much i absolutely adore the sweet little picture you drew as a young girl?!! i'm so glad that you found a special place in your journal for it!!
    happy birthday to your precious little boy....i know he'll love riding his new bike in your new neighborhood!!! good luck with your move this week, sweet friend! xox, :))

  2. How wonderful; I love how you wove the memories past with the future one to arrive! Home Sweet Home, nothing like creating new magic in a new home! I know it is a lot of work; I have moved more than most! It will be rewarding as you find
    a way to make every room yours and craft your nest with your wonderful touches~

    Belated Birthday Wishes to your little boy, so
    cute! There is nothing like investigating and taking a journey on a bike...magic!


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