June 29, 2010

One order of chocolate cake with sprinkles and candles plus strawberries on the side.

My longest post title yet. Today is a special day in the Ryu household. My son turns 3. Although we just missed celebrating his birthday in our new home, we decided that this would be the last great celebration in our soon to be former home. When I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday this (the post title) is exactly what he said.

His birthday present was his very first bike (with training wheels).  It's great to see him growing up happy.  When I was little, my dad always woke us up playing this birthday song on his guitar..  So here it is for my little one.  Happy birthday my sweet boy.


  1. happy birthday to your son and his cake looks delicious!!

  2. Birthday blessings to him!!!!
    Love that he wanted strawberries on the side - chocolate and strawberries, yep he knows!! :)

  3. I love how he was so direct and knew what he wanted! He will find magic as he grows into his neighborhood and bike! EnJOY your special boy~


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