July 12, 2010

Following my heart

Sometimes when I get some ideas, I never act on them.  I just let them pass on by.  When I feel in my heart that there is something specific I need to create, I will do it. That is my goal.

As I began to plan my creative space, I didn't know where to start. Most of my art supplies are still in boxes from the move. I have seen many amazing creative spaces in magazines and blogs. I know I want my space to be functional, but cozy and beautiful. 

As I sat thinking about this, I pictured a small wire dressform wearing a simple hand-stitched dress.  So here is a peek of what I am working on. 

My initials are stitched on the front of the dress.  Just letting my heart guide me on this one.

My mom and I are moving along nicely on our quilts.  What do you think so far?


  1. your new space will be just as warm and inviting as YOU are!!! i'm really excited to see more about your dressform......i love the way you've embroidered your initials!!! totally personal!! xox, :))

    p.s. your quilt looks wonderful!!

  2. Beautiful embroidery - very special and the quilt you are working on is just wonderful! I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog and look forward to returning!

  3. Nicely done, can't wait to see the finished form~

  4. It's great to see you so actively creative, so soon after your move. Both your dress form and quilt are coming along beautifully.

  5. Love the butterflies quilt...so pretty! Good luck with your art space planning.


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