July 27, 2010

"Sunday Canyon Nights"

My brother's best friend had the most amazing backyard anyone could ask for.  Palo Duro Canyon was practically his backyard while living in Sunday Canyon.  Sunday Canyon was a small neighborhood right before you entered the canyon.

We enjoyed the canyon many times to hike and watch "Texas."  If you have never seen this outdoor drama with the canyon as the backdrop, you must check it out.

This painting was so difficult to photograph.  I wish I had a huge scanner.

title by ©Louis Orozco from album Phases- "Sunday Canyon Nights."


  1. Hi Ludid, I'm stopping by from the Creative Thursday's Class. I can't wait to do some projects with you. It's so nice to meet you.

  2. oh my goodness....i'm sitting here trying to think of how many ways i can use the words fantastic, fabulous, magnificent....well, you know what i mean.....this is ALL of those things, and so much more!!! you have the most wonderfully expressive style....you inspire me than you'll ever know, ludid!! xox, :))
    p.s. i just received my copy of "creative wildfire" in the mail today....looking forward to spending some time with it tonight!! xo

  3. thank you so much, lori, and likewise. you will enjoy creative wildfire. lk ludwig has been a great influence artistically for me. :-)


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