August 23, 2010

About art

self-portrait on the beach

When I lie awake at night thinking about the joy that art is giving to me, it fills me up completely.  The inspiration, the artists, the paint, the paintbrush----all contribute to that richness I feel.  I am letting all this just BE because it is so rewarding.   So as I continue to engage in what I enjoy the most, with all the fear and joy included, it will be just right.


  1. Oh how very well said. What a meaningful post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. i lie awake at night thinking about art, too. right now my head is spinning with lots of ideas, and just last night i was thinking, "hey, i should get up and write some of this down" because of course, now i can't remember what most of them were!! time to start keeping a journal in the nightstand drawer! i love your always have a wonderful way of speaking through them! xox, :))

  3. I think the most important thing to do is exactly what you're doing..JUST BE..that is when the best art happens. xo

  4. Great pic; I to feel this way, I have a journal and random notebooks filled with ideas. I am working on a fearful one, right now! I figure push through, like a flower pushes through the soil to grow, reach towards the light. I am in the seedling stage, but will continue til I reach the sunlight!


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