August 17, 2010

Lovin' the bright

It feels really good to see my family happy.  It feels really good to see my little boy growing up happy.  It feels really good to know that my creative soul is full of joy. What I value the most fills me up everyday.  What a blessing. 

Our summer trip to Panama City, FL and New Orleans has inspired me to work with a
 brighter color palette.

Our visit to New Orleans always gives me an opportunity to explore color.  This time it looks like it was much about orange.

I started working on a new painting.  It's not a painting of the beach, but more about  learning to love using brighter colors.  I guess it's turning out to be a bit more whimsical and no doubt having fun using this orange and a bit of blue mist.  So I am calling this painting, at least for now, the orange painting.


  1. i'm so glad your vacation has been a time of joy and renewal!! enjoy your bright, orange, fun painting!!! xox, :))
    ps. would you believe that i lived in panama city beach not too long ago?! i'm over on the other coast of florida now, so if you ever decide to come to the atlantic ocean, please let me know!!!! xo

  2. absolutely. that would be great. the beaches in panama city were wonderful.


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