August 28, 2010

Weekend homework

The theme for my son's preschool class next week is "All about me."  Not me, but him. ha ha.  We were sent home with homework.  But this is the kind of homework I like.  Before we started, I reminded myself that this was his project.  I wanted for him to do everything with the exception of some guidance.  I placed all the supplies on the table and let him choose what he wanted to use.  I didn't want to write anything with my own handwriting so I brought out my stamps and let him stamp the letters. 

He wanted to start with the house.  He chose the colors and off he went coloring away.

We cut some papers for the project and then he spent almost 15 minutes cutting little pieces of paper for no reason.  I just let him.  He was enjoying it and I wanted for him to enjoy every minute of the process. 

For "how he helps his family", he decided to go with setting the table.  We talked about shapes and items.  Then it was all up to him.

This is definitely my favorite.  I decided that I couldn't glue the originals for the project.  I scanned and printed them for the project.  The originals will be framed. 

  It's not finished as you can see.  He wanted to rest (me, too), but we also wanted to leave a few that he will complete with Daddy.  By the way, I couldn't take some pictures as he was coloring all the hearts and the table.  He said "it is not nice to take pictures of someone when they are coloring."  Those were his exact words. 
 I had to capture this moment.  It was precious to see him enjoy coloring, drawing, and learning about himself. And that's my Saturday so far.


  1. This is great! what a creative little boy! You are a great mom for exposing your child to art and for teaching him to express himself through it... love you!

  2. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed some happy, creative time together...and it's wonderful that Daddy gets involved too!

  3. Sheesh..everyone knows it is not polite to take pictures of someone while they are coloring. LOL!! Precious!!


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