September 14, 2010

Eugene goes to the library & a giveaway

Eugene found Creativity not too long ago.   Eugene needs some guidance.  He is not sure what
creativity is or what to do with it.  He takes some happy steps to the library (biblioteca)
 to see what he can find. With his little pouch that holds Creativity, he is
excited about his new journey.

It is with so much happiness that I reach my 200th post. My life has never been the same
since I found and began to nurture my Creativity. 

To thank you, my dear blog readers and amazing
artist friends, I am giving away these notepads I made last year.

The notepads are filled with white and recycled cardstock for two lucky readers
to enjoy.  They will be mailed in a handmade envelope.  

 Leave a comment on this post. The random drawing will
be held on Friday afternoon. 

Enjoy your creative moments.


  1. Happy blogoversary, Ludid!!

    He's going to find all sorts of good stuff at the biblioteca :)

  2. Ludid,
    Congrats; I am so happy you found your path!
    Creativity is a way for our soul's to speak through our hands n' hearts! xXx

  3. Found your wonderful blog due to Lori Vliegen's post about you today on her blog Elvie Studio.
    I'm now a follower glad to have found you. :)

  4. how wonderful!!
    lovely to visit your
    BEAUTIFUL blog!

  5. Hi, found your blog thru Elvie Studio. After seeing your hand made envelope I just had to come see what you have going on here. I am so inspired by your mail art. I think I will finally make on myself.

  6. I just hopped over from elvie studio and would like to wish you a hearty congratulations on your 200th post milestone. Keep creating!

  7. Thanks to Elvie I found you and have to say congrats on such beautiful creations and on your 200th post. Whoo Hoo!

  8. Oh my! These are gorgeous! I am so happy to discover you, your blog, and your creativity today via lori! It's such a joy to find new inspiration and new friends. And I feel the same way you do: I just had my 200th post recently and can not even imagine my life without my Blog and my creative spirit now. Peace to you! ~Kathy

  9. What wonderful notepads...Please enter me....
    I have so enjoyed my visit with you; such a great blog......

  10. Just now found your blog, and I love it! i loook forward to coming back again and again!

  11. Hi! I saw your beautiful mail art over at sweet Lori's, and I had to hop over for a little visit. You have a very lovely blog... Congratulations on your 200th post! Your notepads are wonderful! :) Paulette

  12. thank you for sharing your creativity with us over these past 200 posts.....we appreciate you, sweet artist soul!!! your notepads are fabulous.....and i'm so curious to see what eugene will discover at the library!!! xoxo, :))

  13. So glad to find you. Looking forward to your future creative posts.

  14. I just love your creativity! So glad I found you via Lori Vliegen @ Elvie Studio. She is such an inspiration!
    Congrats to your 200th post. The notepads are awesome. Would love to win them!
    Lovin Eugene and his discoveries.

  15. First, happy blogoversary. I just found you via Elvie Studio and I'm enjoying reading your blogposts. Your notepads are so great, I'd love to win one :)
    Bye, Kitty

  16. These notepads are absolutely adorable and inspirational! :)

  17. Your notepads are awesome...... so lovely. Where did you find the blue notebook rings?

    Thank you for sharing your art!!

  18. It's only Friday morning here so I hope I'm not too late. I would love to win one of these. Congratulations on your 200th post.


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