September 3, 2010

Mission: Possible

My creative space must be filled with things that I love and inspire me.  
Prior to becoming a paintbrush holder this was my coffee cup.  One day I saw this cup in my brother's cupboard.  I informed him that I would be taking it home.  The cup was made by my alma mater to commemorate its 100 years which they celebrate this year.  This particular cup was specifically created focusing on the university library.   The librarian's photo is what appealed to me about the cup.

The walls will eventually be filled with inspiration and other handmade things.

I did put up a painting my Dad made of me many years ago which I cherish so.  Perhaps later
 this year I'll ask him to make a frame for it.

My painting area is ready for me.  The pink strips you see hanging on the left is a work in progress.  It is a metal lamp frame that I am embellishing to hang on my ceiling.  I haven't really focused on making things for my home and art space, but it's someting I want to spend a bit more time doing. 

I keep hanging things around my dressform's neck.  Eventually, she might fall over.

Since I don't really have anything to hang in this closet, I decided to use it as a display for some art and other things.  You see on the far right some flowers my son painted earlier this year for Mother's Day.

I tied up all my scarves and hung them on my closet door next to
 a handmade (by an aunt) crocheted dress I wore as a young girl.

 While I was organzing and simplifying, I rocked to 80's songs. This is my favorite. 
So now it's time to create things I love and enjoy.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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