September 1, 2010

What will Eugene do next?

I know exactly what is on my agenda for the rest of the week........

My art space is in serious need of tender love.  Pictures are not available,

Once I get my space how I want it, I can focus on this little fellow.  I have a pretty good idea of what Eugene will be doing next.  As you can see, I decided for some yellow and touches of the previous color.


  1. you know, i'm constantly trying to organize and simplify......what i can't figure out is once i get it all "organized" it never seems to stay that way! maybe i'm not as organized as i think i am......anyway, i know you'll do a much better job at this than me!! have fun! xox, :))
    p.s. can't wait to see what eugene does next!

  2. hi lori,
    i decided that to help me keep it better organized that i needed to focus on a few things. so i am packing up some things that don't fall under my current creative goals and ideas. i love your bright and happy space :-).


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