October 22, 2010

Index of first lines

Index of first lines
mixed media stitch work

Artwork is stitched onto canvas dropcloth. 

On another note, last weekend we had our annual fall fruit picking trip.
We climbed on the back of muddy pick up truck.  It took us to the farm backroads and left us among
the most amazing persimmon trees.  After about 45 minutes, they returned to pick us up.  After picking the persimmons from the trees, we filled up a box full of yummy goodness. 
Persimmons signal the fall season for me and I am welcoming
 it with much joy.


  1. Great stitch art! What exactly do you do with a persimmon?
    Oh, and did I ever tell you how much I love your header? If not, let me do so now.
    I totally love your header!

  2. the persimmon can be eaten by peeling off the skin. making a jam might be delicious although i have never tried making jam. try it sometime. it is quite delicious.

    thank you for your wonderful comments.

  3. i am loving your canvas art! those strips of paper stitched onto the fabric, along with some paint here and there.....fabulous!! enjoy your fall persimmons!!! xox, :))

  4. Lines and splatters of color on cloth...cool. And happy Fall...persimmons and all.

  5. I love this piece; My neighbor has a persimmon tree, so pretty the colors are ablaze right now~


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