November 30, 2010

Dreams can be

 my most important role in lifeis being a mother.  this little guy brings me
 more joy than i could ever have imagined.

i  want him to know and remember that dreams can be.
 so inspired by this writer and artist.

November 29, 2010

A little bundle

i still remember the day I sent this  little bundle to Stampington. i have  missed my little bundle, but i knew the recipients would take good care of them.

In the current issue of Somerset Studio Gallery, you will see this book that i created in 2009. 

 In the same issue, you can also see a journal.  they are both such an important part
of my creative journey.  it is an example of personal and creative growth.  i am simply grateful.

November 27, 2010

November 23, 2010

Transformation of Eugene

Perhaps you were expecting to see this Eugene.  I decided to transform him into
my little studio companion.  If I had an imaginary friend, he would look like this.  So now
Eugene sits close by as I create.... at least until my son takes him. ha ha.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
My splatter journals are now available in my shop.

November 19, 2010

Gentle breeze

A Gentle Breeze by Ludid Ryu

Song: Gentle Breezes by Eric Roberts

A gentle breeze led me to enjoy a simple quiet creative moment.

November 18, 2010


These last few days have been miserable.  I had a tooth extracted and going through some
 painful healing.  A little glitter to bring a smile to my face.

November 16, 2010

To daughter with love

My Dad creates with his hands.  He is an artist.   He is actually now on his way to Washington, DC
 for the second time to paint at the National Gallery of Art

This past week he was an artist of carpentry.  In his own art studio, you can see tables and easels
he has made from scratch.  These last few days he actually spent most of it making an art work table for me.   

It was wonderful to watch him make it.  I tried to help him out when I could and learn a bit.

And here it is.  Thank you Dad.

November 14, 2010

Let the stringing begin

A bit of craziness fell upon me today. I began cutting up batting and any felt I had into small squares. 
I ended up with stacks and stacks. 

Now the stringing begins for a garland made of all this batting and felt squares.

November 12, 2010

End of the week

There it is. My chaotic end of the week mess. Interestingly enough, it feels good.

And making room for a new handmade addition to my art space.  More on that next week.
Have a great weekend.

November 10, 2010


To a butterfly

Stay near me - do not take thy flight!
A little longer stay in sight!

-William Wordsworth

November 5, 2010

Starting early

Although Thanksgiving has not come yet, I started working on Christmas projects.  I want to enjoy making handmade ornaments, decorations, gifts...for the Christmas season without feeling the rush.  So I took out some Christmas stamps I bought last year and made this little pouch. 

What might it carry?

Perhaps I can use it for holding Christmas cards or....

my music rolls with glitter that I started here.  

This is the beginning of a handmade Christmas at my house. 

November 3, 2010

Holiday creating.....

has officially begun here.  So much inspiration is already being shared in some of my favorite blogs.  Although I am not a glitter person, I feel like sprinkling a bit on these rolled up hymn pages.  So I will be going to the store to see what options for glitter are out there.  Any ideas? 

November 1, 2010

Memories are gifts to creativity

As soon as we opened the door of the chapel, a flock of birds flew out and over our heads.  This is how this memory begins.  More than 20 years ago, my Dad was assigned to reopen a chapel which had been closed for many years.  The chapel was located in a very small town.  We spent several days cleaning, organizing, and visiting families around town.  In this chapel is when I heard the most beautiful hymn which still one of my favorites to date.  For the Beauty of the Earth is what inspired this book.   Each page is unique and includes a stamp from here and here.   As we begin this month of thanksgiving and blessings, my memory will always be preserved in this book.  I am so thankful for those beautiful memories that serve as gifts to creativity.