July 30, 2010

Post to journal page

Sometimes a post inspires a journal page and vice-versa.  I made a copy of my painting to place in my journal and just let go creating.

Deeper than it seems

With all the things that need to be done everyday, it's easy to pass up opportunities to sit down and have deep and authentic conversations with people close to me.  I think it takes a true commitment to allow that time in one's life.  Albeit challenging,  it can be done.

I've been experimenting with new colors.

July 27, 2010

"Sunday Canyon Nights"

My brother's best friend had the most amazing backyard anyone could ask for.  Palo Duro Canyon was practically his backyard while living in Sunday Canyon.  Sunday Canyon was a small neighborhood right before you entered the canyon.

We enjoyed the canyon many times to hike and watch "Texas."  If you have never seen this outdoor drama with the canyon as the backdrop, you must check it out.

This painting was so difficult to photograph.  I wish I had a huge scanner.

title by ©Louis Orozco from album Phases- "Sunday Canyon Nights."

July 22, 2010

Rag balls

I had no idea that making rag balls could be so relaxing.  (inspired by this post.)

One down and 19 more to go. Yes, I decided to make 20 rag balls by Christmas. 

On another note, my mom and I enjoyed a sweet treat this afternoon.  Even though, flans (custards) are so sweet, it is a treat I enjoy once a year.  Have a sweet afternoon.

July 20, 2010

Creative Space: The beginning

It seems that I am pretty lucky afterall.  Let me explain what I mean.  A week ago I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to buy a dressform.  Most I have seen have been too expensive to buy.  On Saturday morning, we checked out some garage sales.  The second place where we stopped had this dressform on sale for $5.00!!  When I got home, I removed the fabric that was on the dressform and cleaned it up.  A project I want to take on with this dressform is to paint the panels with gesso and giving it some texture. 

So now I have two dressforms. This one is the small wire one that I am working on at the moment.  My son says that now I have two monsters.  That is what he calls them. 

A view of my painting area.

A view of my journaling and blogging area.  I am working in my journals again and still learning some wonderful techniques here.

This old sewing machine is serving some important roles since it does not work.  It adds a bit of color to my room and it just makes me happy. 

The cover of this old sewing machine is where I will keep the journals I am working on at the moment.  I might leave it as is or add some personality to it.

Now that I have moved into my new creative space (and loving it), I will continue sharpening my skills.  I also want to make this for my space.  Thank you for following me on this wonderful creative journey and thank you for your inspiration. 

Today. Everyday.

July 16, 2010

Flea market shopping

As soon as these pin hangers saw me, they called out to me.  Now they are in my collection. 
Sweet little hangers.

Future journal. 

My mom found this beautiful embroidered handkerchief.

Lovely day with mom while sharing these beautiful things.

July 13, 2010

Return of the journals

It has been a while since I have lost myself in my journals.  I miss them.

These are a few pages of my Dad's home/art studio. 

My brother and I were roommates for several years. I remember he would spend hours playing his guitar while sitting on this bench handmade by my dad.

 My Dad's doves (pictures of doves posted previously on my blog).


My Dad's handmade frames (pictures of frames posted previously on my blog).

July 12, 2010

Following my heart

Sometimes when I get some ideas, I never act on them.  I just let them pass on by.  When I feel in my heart that there is something specific I need to create, I will do it. That is my goal.

As I began to plan my creative space, I didn't know where to start. Most of my art supplies are still in boxes from the move. I have seen many amazing creative spaces in magazines and blogs. I know I want my space to be functional, but cozy and beautiful. 

As I sat thinking about this, I pictured a small wire dressform wearing a simple hand-stitched dress.  So here is a peek of what I am working on. 

My initials are stitched on the front of the dress.  Just letting my heart guide me on this one.

My mom and I are moving along nicely on our quilts.  What do you think so far?

July 11, 2010

Planning a space

A quick collage as I plan out my creative space.  I don't actually have a yellow chair.  It is just a reminder to add some color.   

July 9, 2010

Creating with Mom

It was such a bright day to see my journal published in Somerset Life when my parents arrived to visit.  They continue to be such an inspiration and I dedicate this joy to them.

My mom started working on making a quilt in 1995.  On and off for the past four years we have tried to work on it when possible.  Since I have a sewing machine now, we decided to finish while she visits. 

So we started sewing the squares together and decided that we had enough squares to make four quilts in various sizes.  We had such a great time.  I'll be showing the process as we work on them until completion.

July 7, 2010

Exciting News

In my neck of the woods, it is mostly about organizing my new home.  Yesterday, however, I received an exciting e-mail from my dear friend Becky.  My Fulfilled journal was published in the Summer 2010 issue of Somerset Life.  Can you see me jumping up and down?  I am thrilled and truly honored.  I hope you will check it out and read the wonderful article written by Christen Olivarez.