August 28, 2010

Weekend homework

The theme for my son's preschool class next week is "All about me."  Not me, but him. ha ha.  We were sent home with homework.  But this is the kind of homework I like.  Before we started, I reminded myself that this was his project.  I wanted for him to do everything with the exception of some guidance.  I placed all the supplies on the table and let him choose what he wanted to use.  I didn't want to write anything with my own handwriting so I brought out my stamps and let him stamp the letters. 

He wanted to start with the house.  He chose the colors and off he went coloring away.

We cut some papers for the project and then he spent almost 15 minutes cutting little pieces of paper for no reason.  I just let him.  He was enjoying it and I wanted for him to enjoy every minute of the process. 

For "how he helps his family", he decided to go with setting the table.  We talked about shapes and items.  Then it was all up to him.

This is definitely my favorite.  I decided that I couldn't glue the originals for the project.  I scanned and printed them for the project.  The originals will be framed. 

  It's not finished as you can see.  He wanted to rest (me, too), but we also wanted to leave a few that he will complete with Daddy.  By the way, I couldn't take some pictures as he was coloring all the hearts and the table.  He said "it is not nice to take pictures of someone when they are coloring."  Those were his exact words. 
 I had to capture this moment.  It was precious to see him enjoy coloring, drawing, and learning about himself. And that's my Saturday so far.

August 26, 2010


A new painting.  Started with some gesso.

Decided the painting would be primary yellow, no, orange.

Green, no.

More gesso.  Then I set it aside for several days until there is no doubt which color
I want to use. 

In the meantime.  Painted canvas ready to be cut.

The beginning of a garland. 

Stitching three circles together so they fan out.  This might take a while, but it is a fun little project. 

August 25, 2010


She is my sister. She is a blessing.

Some gifts for her. 

August 23, 2010

About art

self-portrait on the beach

When I lie awake at night thinking about the joy that art is giving to me, it fills me up completely.  The inspiration, the artists, the paint, the paintbrush----all contribute to that richness I feel.  I am letting all this just BE because it is so rewarding.   So as I continue to engage in what I enjoy the most, with all the fear and joy included, it will be just right.

August 21, 2010

Cereal box & Doodle fun

First journal page of a handmade scrappy cereal box journal.  It's little Eugene.
I needed a little journal like this where I could just play.

Some doodle fun on book pages from a Spanish grammar book.

August 20, 2010

A whimsical friday

"Eugene finds creativity" mixed-media on wood.

My whimsical little bird's name is Eugene.  Little Eugene is sure to have many adventures.  There is no
better adventure to start with than finding creativity.  Who knows where it could lead him.
 This part of the painting is now available here as a print.

August 19, 2010


My sister's family spend some days with us.  The cousins had a wonderful time running around, laughing, eating lots of popsicles, sharing their wonderful personalities, and creating in my art room.  My niece made a card for my son which is so imaginative and creative for sure.

She created the card all by herself. 

Then my nephew wanted to join the fun........

and then my son joined as well.  I gave them some beads and string
 to make some necklaces for one another.

It was so nice to spend some creative time with my niece, son, and nephew. 

August 17, 2010

Lovin' the bright

It feels really good to see my family happy.  It feels really good to see my little boy growing up happy.  It feels really good to know that my creative soul is full of joy. What I value the most fills me up everyday.  What a blessing. 

Our summer trip to Panama City, FL and New Orleans has inspired me to work with a
 brighter color palette.

Our visit to New Orleans always gives me an opportunity to explore color.  This time it looks like it was much about orange.

I started working on a new painting.  It's not a painting of the beach, but more about  learning to love using brighter colors.  I guess it's turning out to be a bit more whimsical and no doubt having fun using this orange and a bit of blue mist.  So I am calling this painting, at least for now, the orange painting.

August 15, 2010

Third time's the charm

It is filled with pure silk balls, wool yarn, felt balls, ornaments, and needlepoint art. I have to say that I felt a bit out of place because I don't know anything about needlepoint and the different yarns available out there. Yet, as a creative person, it was certainly yarn heaven. 

Our family trips to New Orleans usually consist of much walking, taking lots of pictures, learning about the city, and enjoying what Cafe du Monde has to offer.  During the first two trips to New Orleans, we encountered a little shop full of wonderful things.  The shop is called The Quarter Stitch Needlepoint.  Unfortunately, the shop was closed during those first trips. The phrase the third time's the charm was certainly true in this case.  Our recent trip to New Orleans gave me the opportunity to enjoy the beauty this shop has to offer.  Here are some snippets of my relaxing time at the shop.

August 13, 2010

On my mantle

While I am enjoying my family vacation, this painting sits on my mantle at home.  For now, I believe it is finished.  It is in a place where I feel comfortable saying so.  I have found that I enjoy layering and then revealing several layers of color.  In addition, I received some great news about the publishing of one of my altered books for a December issue.  I am so so excited.  Have a wonderful Friday.  We are hoping for a great day at the beach.