January 19, 2011


the title of the post sounds pretty narcissistic doesn't it?
i am not.
  people who know me really well know that
taking pictures of myself and then posting them for
others to see is not easy. it's scary actually.
but you know what?  my self-portrait exploration project
is allowing me to be more comfortable with how i see myself. 
more importantly, it is allowing to handle negative thoughts in
a positive way. So on those days when i am being swallowed
up with self-doubt or fear, i will take look at myself in the mirror or take
a self-portrait and say keep it going.  this is your life now.  this is what you
want more than anything. then i will turn up the sound of my favorite music
and dance away in my studio.


  1. You are beautiful!!! Your post has me thinking this morning. Deeply. Thanks for the nudge.

  2. Great to see you going for it. Struggling past fear is difficult (I know this well), but it's good to push through anyway.

  3. Ludid,
    You look so clear, focused and pretty! It is powerful to do this; I am working on pushing past my self fear~ Sounds like a great project!


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