February 22, 2011

Evidence of...

This is definitely not the polished me (actually I am pretty terrified that
I am posting this picture here). But I am just going with it.

It is evidence of late nights, early mornings, and
 going from here to there. Surely, we have all been there.

Consequently, I am looking for threads that have evidence of wear. Evidence of stories
behind those threads. I know that I can try to re-energize those threads in a different way or tell
their story somehow. It will definitely be an ongoing exploration.

There is always an opportunity to re-energize. Luckily, it doesn't take much for me to regain the
energy I need. More so when you see something like the video below.  

Deeply into this.

So here is what I know: know what energizes you and have it always in your life.


  1. Love the honesty of this post. The vid is great! Very peaceful. Funny. I knew those fabrics were woven before anything was said about weaving or a loom was shown. They just felt that yummy (to the eyes). Thanks for sharing. Loving all your work all the time.

  2. thanks so much. i have watched so many times, and it gets me every time.

  3. Words say more that a picture. Clear and transparent come to my mind.



    I am having a giveaway, I hope you stop by.

  4. Hi Ludid. Excellent video. I really enjoyed it. I come from Mely's blog. Nice to meet you. Have a great rest of the week and thx for sharing.

  5. Wonderful post and video...indeed energizing!


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