June 28, 2011

Making mud pies

Making Mud Pies

it didn't matter that we got messy.  what mattered
was that we had a blast getting messy.

i specfically remember a long driveway.  my siblings and i would make rows
and rows of mud pies.  we pretended we owned a pastry shop
and sold them for a couple of pesos.

June 25, 2011

The camera lesson

acrylics, pencils, camera rub on, letter stamps

i have so many pictures when my siblings and i were kids.
it is such a joy to be able to do some artwork inspired by the pictures.

June 21, 2011

Building forts

Visual Journaling-Childhood Stories
Building Forts

My siblings and I spent most of our time outdoors growing up.  After school, we went out to play with the neighborhood missionary kids.  My recollection of building forts comes from our time spent in a bible school campus in south texas.  A field of hills and stacks of tree branches became our little play area with hidden caves and corners. 
Precious childhood moments.

June 20, 2011


in my own style, i am trying to incorporate the blending techniques
i am learning in this class with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen.

if you have never taken a class with these professional and experienced
artists, i highly recommend their classes.

i am taking the class slowly and enjoying it fully.

June 19, 2011

Art in the park

he is learning about observing.

he is learning about shapes and lines.

he loves his journal.
i love that we enjoy this time together creating.

June 16, 2011

Entry ways

this piece is quietly evolving.
this way.
that way.

June 14, 2011

Riding bikes

Visual Journaling-Childhood Stories
Riding Bikes

Learning to ride a bike is a big deal for a child. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I practiced for days on the courtyard of the church/parsonage we lived at the time. Going round and round. Picking myself up when i fell down until I finally did it.  I was seven years old.  It was even more special because it was on my dad's birthday.  In my view, it was the best birthday present for my dad.

My almost 4-year-old rides a bike with training wheels.  Someday he will ride a bike without them. 
It will certainly be a little wonderful gift for me because I will get to see him smile, laugh, and have
fun as he enjoys this most precious play.

It's time to invest in a "grown up" bike to start riding again.

I hope you enjoy my new series of journal pages as I remember my childhood.
Hopefully, you can remember some of your childhood stories as well.

June 13, 2011

Blue trees

i think i saw blue trees growing in my backyard.
perhaps it was just a dream.
a beautiful dream indeed.

gouache sketch in progress

June 9, 2011


Celebrating my 38th birthday today.

My sister and I are 38 years-old for 9 days
then she celebrates her birthday. 
Oops.  I revealed her age too. Hope she doesn't mind.

So thankful and blessed.

June 3, 2011


this weekend i will:
sit down in my red chaise
write down some goals

and also enjoy this 
beautiful publication.

June 1, 2011


Life of Threads: Repose, the Beds
wood, fabric, threads, paper

Often, I have to give myself permission to relax and rest without feeling guilty.  Several months ago, a book made me look at moments of repose in a different way.  The Art of the Siesta defends the power of the siesta through art and a discussion about behavior.

When we hear the word siesta, we often think that it is just about sleeping.  Not so.  More importantly, it is a time when we can be liberated from our thoughts and give ourselves fully to relaxation and reflection.

So I am incorporating this practice more in my life.  How about you?