June 14, 2011

Riding bikes

Visual Journaling-Childhood Stories
Riding Bikes

Learning to ride a bike is a big deal for a child. I still remember the day like it was yesterday. I practiced for days on the courtyard of the church/parsonage we lived at the time. Going round and round. Picking myself up when i fell down until I finally did it.  I was seven years old.  It was even more special because it was on my dad's birthday.  In my view, it was the best birthday present for my dad.

My almost 4-year-old rides a bike with training wheels.  Someday he will ride a bike without them. 
It will certainly be a little wonderful gift for me because I will get to see him smile, laugh, and have
fun as he enjoys this most precious play.

It's time to invest in a "grown up" bike to start riding again.

I hope you enjoy my new series of journal pages as I remember my childhood.
Hopefully, you can remember some of your childhood stories as well.

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  1. Yes! We are on the same page again. Kate is still using training wheels..I bought her a new bike last year and she never really liked riding. It is easier for her now and soon I wi ll get to enjoy the bike I bought and ride along with her. I can't wait!! Happy weekend, my friend. :)


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