July 18, 2011

Climbing trees

Visual Journaling-Childhood Stories
Climbing Trees

my siblings and i lived at a bible school campus where my
parents studied for missionary work.  we played with other
missionary kids except they spoke english and we spoke spanish. 
we picked up speaking english quickly.

what brought us together was the power of childhood play.
in this case, it was climbing trees.

a specific tree comes to mind when i think about all the trees
i climbed as a child.  the perfect tree stood next to our house
where we all gathered to play.

it was big enough to hold all of us kids that climbed it.
it was safe and comfortable for our skill level.
once we were up and sitting in our favorite spot,
we felt like we were on top of the world.

when i spot a perfect climbing tree, i feel like being a kid again.
i like to think that healthy trees enjoy this childhood activity
 as much as kids do.


  1. Fantastic, Ludid...I love your mark making on this page! The stamps are perfect too.

  2. I love those memories and especially in our art~
    How fun...you did a great job~

  3. So special...the memories, the artwork.

  4. we had a big tree in our backyard that we used to love to climb.....sometimes we'd even take lunch up there! thanks for helping me to remember that!! i loved reading your story and hearing your memories! xox


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